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Peace and Love Archangel-Style

less than 1 minute read

This publication is going to risk opprobrium by stating that there was much about todays events around the Hall of Binding that we found stunningly audacious...

RP: Phone Calls II

1 minute read

Not for the first time in the last few days, Madeye is on the phone. His ear is burning and his shoulder is stiff as a board, yet he persists in cradling the...

RP: Phone Calls

2 minute read

Madeye is staring intently into space, his cellphone pressed up against his ear. A slight frown furrows his brow. The office still has a thick layer of dust...

RP: Resurrection

1 minute read

Madeye stands before the derelict building at the cheap end of the commercial district, somewhere in the lower Despairs. Looking up, he notes that many of th...

RP: A New Beginning Part II

1 minute read

Madeye sits alone in his office in quiet contemplation, palms folded, pose relaxed. He calmly plays through the events of the last week. Although analytical...


1 minute read

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The Becoming VI

1 minute read

Night falls again as I climb down the tower a single man. The Voice is no longer in control. It is no longer within me. It is me.