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Ravenblack Places Menu

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The Ravenblack Places menu lives in the left-hand menu and provides access to the areas of the site that provide navigation aids to players.

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Episode V: Conversations

9 minute read

Persephony sat in front of the fireplace for quite a while, mulling over what was happening. It had been a day since the coup by Lucius’ daughter Creperum, a...

Episode IV: Conflict

6 minute read

Persephony left the bar much drunker than when she had entered, and probably the happiest she had been since joining the Capadocians. It may have been the th...

Episode III: Into the Lion’s Den

6 minute read

Persephony sat deep within the soft cushions of one of the leather chairs in the Common room of the Silhouettes guild, reading text after text about the powe...

Episode II: Entry

6 minute read

Persephony eyed the offered hand, her common senses finally screaming at her to step back and think about what she’s really entered into. “Um, Ma’am… I real...

Episode I: Changes

6 minute read

It was with trepidation that Persephony approached the castle. It might have been the hundreds of thousands of bones that littered the ground surrounding the...

Prologue: Hell and Beyond

5 minute read

Persephony cloaked herself in the shadows as another vampire walked past her, turning down the corner of Bleak and 4th. She slid down the wall and crouched d...

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