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Severing: Moondreamer severs Valorian

1 minute read

Shadow Court member Moondreamer af Gyllenstierna severed her long time childe Valorian today, reportedly following a quarrel about Moon’s partner, creperum. ...

Binding: Ladywulfe69 and Demon_Boy

less than 1 minute read

Comments Drachen Dragosee Congratulations to Lady and Demon. I would also like to thank them for a wonderful dinner in thier beautiful restaurant. Unbeliev...

Powerful blood god

less than 1 minute read

Fully-powered well-muscled psychopathic blood god seeks n00b bitch slut for persistent abuse. NSOH. Likes long prison sentences and theatre of pain.

The Lovers Section

less than 1 minute read

In the Lovers section of the Ravenblack Grimoire, we encourage our readers to anonymously post amorous notes to their loved ones, send Valentines messages to...