Recent stories

Blackdragon Update

less than 1 minute read

The vampire Blackdragon was attacked by a hit team yesterday. It was not, as previously reported, a gentle scrolling, but a vicious and bloody beating compr...

Archangel Interview

20 minute read

As this interview has already been published in the Ravenblack Alleyways hall, and the vote, even discounting Clan AA members, is overwhelmingly in favour of...

Sicillian Defence

6 minute read

Madeye walks into the Ravenblack Alleyway hall, fire in his eyes and a dark expression on his face. He pushes his way through the throng, making his way to ...

Feedback Guidelines

2 minute read

This evening the world has realised that it is possible to comment on articles published within the Ravenblack Grimoire. We are overjoyed about this, for the...

Blackdragon, Stop Hitting Yourself

3 minute read

Reports are emerging that the recent attacks on ex-SIE warrior Blackdragon were the work of a hit team. One of the team members has confessed to being hired...

Spy Ring Update

32 minute read

The Raveblack Grimoire has just recently come into possession of some intelligence intercepts that blow the cover off the recent SIE-Seraphim spy ring. As pr...

Zeroing: AmberDrake

less than 1 minute read

The vampire AmberDrake was zeroed by the Il Caduto family for disrespecting Boomerangele.